I have been teaching since 2001, and have experience teaching graduate and undergraduate students in the Netherlands and the US. A selection of courses taught can be found below.

Graduate courses:

Social Media and Digital Culture (CMJ 540)*

Seminar in Research Methods (CMJ 601)

Communication Seminar (CW)

Undergraduate courses:

Capstone Seminar in Media Studies (CMJ 483)

Media Theories and Research Methods (CMJ 203)

Introduction to Media Studies (CMJ 100)

Survey of Media and Society (MACO 2001)

Mass Communication Research Methods (MACO 3310)

Philosophy and Ethics of Mass Communication (MACO 4222)

African American Images in the Media (MACO 3205)

Media Seminar (MACO 4490)

Public Opinion and Propaganda (MACO 3210)

History of Journalism (MACO 3320)

Fundamentals of Radio Production (MACO 3349)

Editorial and Critical Writing (MACO)

News Editing II (MACO)

Foundations and Questions in Communication Science (CW)

*CMJ: University of Maine; MACO: Albany State University; CW: Radboud University Nijmegen